Registration information

  • Both Full - USD 170.00 and Student - USD 80.00 registrations until September 16th, after just at the conference Full - USD 200.00 and Student - USD 100.00 include:
    • Conference Talks, Keynotes, Workshops, Panels, Tutorials, and
    • the coffee break, the Barbecue with Gaucho dance, and the Guaíba Tour (dates and times will be announced soon).
  • At least one author of an accepted paper MUST register as Full Registration, even if the author is a student.

Workshop Registration Rules

  • Reminder: Early registration ends on September 16th.
  • Each paper will only be published with at least one author registered.
  • In person presentation needs a Full Registration.
  • Virtual presentation needs a Special Registration for paper publication.

Registration is open, and currently accepts payments via PayPal. For Brazilian registrations, payments can be made by Pix (it is necessary to send proof of payment to to confirm your registration).

Bank information

    Pix key: 92.971.845/0001-42
    Full: R$ 890,00 until September 16th, after R$ 1.050,00
    Student: R$ 390,00 until September 16th, after R$ 490,00
    To: Fundação Luiz Englert
    Institution: BANCO DO BRASIL S.A.

When you click register, copy and save the link at the bottom of the new page to access and edit your registration in the future.

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