About the workshop

This workshop covers topics related to integrating High-Performance Computing approaches, Big Data Analytics techniques, and Large-Scale High-Throughput Multi-Omics Data Sets.

High-throughput technologies have revolutionized biological research, producing rich omics data layers of genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes, metabolomes, microbiome, epigenome, and other relevant data types. With the great technological progress that has been made, the routine implementation of omics data on a large scale will likely require further improvements in data acquisition, management, analysis, performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Common usage of omics technologies necessitates the HPC vision and direction for leveraging on-demand bioinformatics systems supported by a serious conceptual shift in research paradigm for many researchers, in biological, clinical, scientific training, and performance evaluation.

The workshop aims to provide a forum for bioinformatics, big data analytics, and high-performance computing professionals and academics alike to discuss the latest research in HPC solutions about compute and data-intensive challenges. The workshop will feature submitted papers as well as talks from reputed researchers in the field of High-Performance Computing, Big Data Analytics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology.


  • Foundation and practical application to integrate Bioinformatics, System Biology, and HPC.
  • Design, implementation, and integration of biological workflow using HPC technologies.
  • Network biological and evolutionary methods for multi-omics integration.
  • Computational support of Bioinformatics analyses in parallel and distributed environments.
  • Best practices in HPC management and development for Bioinformatics and System Biology.
  • HPC, Big Data Analytics and Integration for Multi-Omics Biomedical Data.
  • Analysis, management, and performance evaluation of Big Data Omics Analytics using HPC.
  • Bioinformatics Training activities - computational genomics, metagenomics, phylogenomics, proteomics, and proteogenomics - applied in HPC technologies
  • Other omics and the integration for systems biology are also encouraged to submit


• Francisco Martínez (Industrial University of Santander, Colombia)
• Kary Ocaña (National Laboratory of Scientific Computing, Brazil)