Good practices in HPC Management

About the workshop

This workshop aims at bringing together a CTOs, managers, admin-responsible and infrastructure, operations and technology experts and practitioners from centres, academia, laboratories, and industry to discuss technologies, use cases and best practices in order to set a vision and direction for leveraging management high performance, extreme-scale computing and on-demand cloud ecosystems. Topics of interest include tools and technologies enabling scientists for adopting scientific computing applications to HPC, Data Centres, cloud interfaces, interoperability of HPC and cloud resource management and scheduling systems, cloud and HPC storage convergence to allow a high degree of flexibility for users and community platform developers, continuous integration/deployment approaches, reproducibility of scientific workflows in distributed environment, and best practices for support and operation model.

This workshop will cover topics related to interoperability of supercomputing and cloud computing, networking and storage technologies that are being leveraged by use cases and research infrastructure providers with a goal to improve productivity and reproducibility of extreme-scale scientific workflows.


  • Nicolás Wolovick (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina)
  • Juan Pablo Dorsch (ETH Zurich, Swiss National Supercomputing Centre, Switzerland)